After the Golden Globes, everyone was talking about "Hidden Fences," even though it didn't take home any awards, seeing that it's not a real film. Instead, the title is a conflation of "Hidden Figures" and "Fences," two of the nominated films that happen to feature mostly black casts. The "Hidden Fences" flub was first made by Jenna Bush Hager on the red carpet and then by Michael Keaton during the ceremony. Though "Hidden Fences" served as a humorous hashtag on Twitter, there were some who saw the blunder as proof of white people's tendency to lump all black movies together instead of recognizing each one on its own merit. 

Like many on Twitter, Stephen Colbert wondered what the film "Hidden Fences" would actually look like, and he aired a trailer for the hypothetical motion picture last night on The Late Show. As a mash-up of the plots of "Hidden Figures" and "Fences," "Hidden Fences" is about the challenge of sending a fence into space. The funniest part of the trailer, though, is the voiceover narration. "Based on the true story of people who think movies about black people are the same movie," "Hidden Fences" features a cast of "Black Actors," "Black Actresses," "Kevin Costner," and of course, a fence. Watch the trailer below.