Another day, another call for a company boycott. Businesses are finding themselves in peculiar places these days as their company policies, diversity in employment, support of the Black Lives Matter movement and many other concerns that the public has are brought to light. On Thursday (June 11), a woman who claimed to be an employee of Starbucks tweeted that the company prohibited any visible support of BLM. Employees were forbidden from wearing pins, labels, or clothing that showed they were supporters of the movement.

Starbucks Boycott
Scott Olson / Staff / Getty Images

A spokesperson for Starbucks reportedly doubled down on their stance, but the official Starbucks Twitter account offered a reply to the employee's original message. According to the Starbucks account, the company is now implementing new strategies to show that they do support Black Lives Matter and will have designs specifically created for its workers "in support of our Black partners."

"Hello. All U.S. CO partners will be sent a Starbucks partner shirt to lend our collective voice in support of our Black partners, customers and communities. The design will come from the Black Partner Network emphasizing our role and responsibility to not be bystanders," Starbucks tweeted. However, people still didn't know exactly what that meant, so the call to boycott the coffee company intensified as their controversial history found itself in the limelight once again. Check out a few responses below.