If you aren't following Boosie on Instagram, you need to fix that ASAP. It's a platform for his music but it's also a hub for Boosie's candid thoughts and feelings about certain situations whether it's Lion King or the #MeToo movement. Sometimes it's controversial but even then, he manages to sprinkle some humor in there. Most recently, the rapper hopped on Instagram to share his thoughts on Starbucks. In short, he's not a fan of their breakfast biscuits. In fact, he thinks that Starbucks should get out of the breakfast game entirely.

"I just left stupid ass Starbucks, right," he starts with a look of disappointment. "They sellin' sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches [and] bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches but, they do not sell jelly with their biscuits. Bitch get out the fuckin' business. Get out the fuckin' biscuit business, Starbucks, please. Serve yo' fuckin' coffee and your chillattes and your whatever the fuck it is you serve and get out the mothafuckin' biscuit game."

The message wasn't just aimed at the coffee chain but also every other restaurant that serves breakfast biscuits without offering jelly on the side. "If you don't have jelly for your biscuits. You need to be out the fuckin' the breakfast business game."

Hopefully, Boosie Badazz takes it upon himself to launch his own breakfast business. Lord knows the biscuit game needs him.