There have been thirteen Star Trek movies in total within the sci-fi series history. The first film debuted in 1979 after the show was canceled, and it's popularity caused an explosion of Star Trek hysteria that has a solid fan base. While Star Trek has never reached the worldwide mass appeal, nor the ticket sales, of Star Wars (don't tell Star Trek fans, called "Trekkies," that) it is still one of the most lucrative sci-fi franchises of all time. One thing that Trekkies do have that Star Wars fans could only wish for, is several different generations of engaging television series based around the Enterprise crews that explore space. 

The Star Trek movies got a reboot in 2009 by J.J. Abrams, who then jumped ship (pun intended) to helm Star Wars instead. Abrams production company Bad Robot still produces the Star Trek films, although he stepped away from the director's chair. In the almost 40 years since the first Star Trek film debuted, there has never been a female director... until now. SJ Clarkson, who has directed episodes of Jessica Jones, Marvel's Defenders, Bates Motel, Dexter, Life on Mars, House, and Orange Is The New Black among other shows, is set to helm Star Trek 14. Variety broke the story, and reported that Paramount Pictures announced at CinemaCon that the next chapter in Star Trek will feature Chris Hemsworth. Before he was Thor, Hemsworth played Captan Kirk's (Chris Pine) father, who sacrifices his life to allow his son to be born. His death serves as a main plot device in the reboot, and it will be interesting to see how they implement him in the new movie. Time travel will most likely play a main role in the film.