Last week, reports surfaced that XXXTentacion’s mother had an alleged stalker on her hands who was trying to break into her home on several occasions. The 24-year old stalker, Donavon Banton, allegedly drove from New York to Florida a couple different times and has been stalking X’s mom’s house, trying to get her to open the door and being caught trying to climb through a window another time. He says he’s been receiving “sadistic messages” from XXXtentacion in his dreams and the only way to stop them was to contact XXXTentacion’s mother. The man also believes its X's mom, Cleopatra Bernard, who is using witchcraft on him and speaking with X to do this.

So now not only was Cleopatra Bernard granted a restraining order last week, but a judge has now ordered the man to undergo mental examination. TheBlast reports that a Florida judge appointed a doctor to complete a competency evaluation on Mr. Banton, who's actually been sitting in his jail cell since his arrest on January 24th.

The criminal case will be stayed until the outcome of the examination to determine if he is fit for trial. We'll keep you posted moving forward. RIP X.