Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse hasn't even hit theaters yet, but Sony is making plans for a sequel. Sony may be feeling the pressure to churn out some quality Spider-Man flicks with Marvel out here winning the box office battle. Into The Spider-Verse will bring several iterations of the wall-crawler together, focusing on Miles Morales as the main hero. Miles is a Black and Latin Spider-Man that existed in Marvel's Ultimate universe. After an event that meshed several universes together, Miles was transferred to Marvel's main universe. 

As reported by Deadline, Into The Spider-Verse currently has a sequel in development that will continue the story of Morales. The site also reports that a spin-off based around an entire female-led cast of heroes is in the works as well. The Spider-Women film is set to get a script from Bek Smith and will focus on three generations of females with Spidey powers. Spider-Gwen, who is featured in Into The Spider-Verse, is rumored to be the main hero for the film. Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl, and Black Cat are also speculated to be involved somehow. Phil Lord & Christopher Miller, the brains behind the Lego movies, orchestrated Into The Spider-Verse, and will continue to help expand the animated superhero universe.