Yesterday, the internet was buzzing over one of the newest cast members of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Spice posted a jaw-dropping picture of herself to social media. The reality television star had undergone a drastic physical transformation which included long blond extensions and light-colored eye contacts. The crown jewel of the controversial look was the shocking change in her skin tone.

The entertainer had wiped her Instagram clean of most posts that included her dark skin. Only the photo of herself looking like a light skin doll remained. Her fans were a mess. Some of her following made fun of the apparent skin bleaching, while others expressed sadness for her dismissal of Black beauty.

Spice came through with the ultimate response. Her clap-back addresses the whole spectrum of outrage that was directed towards her. Her latest upload to Instagram is a video snippet of her new song "Black Hypocrisy." The clip shows Spice rocking her natural skin color as well as the light skin mess that caused upset. Based on the song's lyrics and its title, it's safe to say she had everyone fooled.

Her caption sums up her intention:

"Black hypocrisy official video is out. On my Vevo page subscribe to #SpiceOfficialVevo "I get hate from my own race yes that’s a fact, cause the same black people dem say I’m too black and if you bleach out you skin Dem same one come a chat"
Only the intelligent ones will get the message "Bun racism demolish Colourism."