Update: it was a publicity stunt.


One of the newest cast members of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta has surprised fans after a social media hiatus. Grace Hamilton who is often called by her creative moniker, Spice, resurfaced with a completely new look. Although a new hairdo is part of the mix, the most flagrant alteration is the color of her skin.

From the looks of her latest photo, the dancehall artist has taken to bleaching her skin. She also completed her eurocentric look with long blond bundles of hair and contact lenses of a lighter color than her natural iris. Hamilton shared the shot with a breezy caption that makes light of the obvious changes: "Nothing wrong with a fresh start." She most likely anticipated some backlash.

The rising star's Instagram account has been swept clean for the most part. Her only regular post is the photo of the controversial transformation mentioned above. The only evidence of her natural beauty can be viewed in her highlights, which features photos of herself with her family and even sexy glamour shots.

Fans are going nuts over her appearance, ignoring the announcement of her new music. Social media users have commented on the photo with comparisons to the characters from White Chicks and other forms of mockery. Many expressed their sincere disappointment, reminding the reality television star that "Black is beautiful."