Logic has been making a lot of headlines lately thanks in part to the success of his single “1-800-273-8255,” which recently earned him a spot in the top 10 Billboard’s charts following his performance at The MTV Video Music Awards. Looking to promote the  Everybody record and give it an added boost, Logic made his way by the NBC studios on Wednesday and performed the record on The Ellen Show. However that may not have been the DMV rappers best look of the day on television.

On Wednesday night, hours after his Ellen performance, South Park’s newest episode was aired on Comedy Central, and during the episode they decided to make a parody of Logic’s VMA performance, but in a comical manner of course.

While his classmates try to increase awareness of distracted driving (texting), Cartman interrupts their efforts by performing a song about suicide prevention in the middle of the school hallway. “Eric, we don’t want you to die/Eric, give life a try,” Cartman sings about himself. Cartman rocks a black hoodie in the clip and closes with a monologue, which looks to be a reference to Logic’s performance at this year’s Video Music Awards.

Fans on twitter instantly caught the parody and correlation and began voicing their opinions on it. Most people found the humor in the parody, with someone tweeting out “South Park shitting on Logic is the best thing I could wake up to lol,” whereas another tweeted “Yo this South Park Logic parody is incredible.”

However, some people weren’t happy with South Park making fun of a serious thing like suicide prevention. One fan tweeted out “South Park has done some things in the past over the line but making fun of Logic & suicide? Despicable. Nothing funny about suicide period.” While another said “South Park just took the biggest shit on Logic 😩😂.”

This parody from South Park comes just a few weeks after Logic made a guest appearance on a Cartoon Network show called Rick & Morty. Revisit that right here if you missed it.

Check out South Park’s Logic parody (below) and let us know what you think. Did they go to far or nah? Ive also included some fans tweets for the hell of it as well.