If you've signed to a label already, you likely have a distribution deal with them. Distributing your music to all of the different music stores and streaming platforms is crucial in this day and age. There are companies like TuneCore, Distrokid and CDBaby that can help but now, SoundCloud is introducing a new feature that will help artists get their uploads onto other services. 

SoundCloud Premier has just added a new distribution feature that allows for songs to be shared on all major music streaming platforms. Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram, and other huge networks are included in the tool. Premier is a must for artists who are regularly uploading their stuff to SoundCloud because it allows for monetization. In other words, you can make money once your track blows up. 


The announcement was made yesterday and users are able to test it out in its open beta stage. The team over at SoundCloud continues to find ways to improve their platform, becoming the first music streaming site to build a distribution feature into their existing medium. If you've got a distribution deal, this does not pertain to you. However, if you're still in the stage where you're just trying to get your music heard by as many people as possible, check it out.