Over the last few weeks, Soulja Boy has been on a mission to let people know of all the things he has done first. From being the first rapper on YouTube to being the first rapper to talk about Cryptocurrency, Soulja Boy has proven to be a prolific artist who is always setting trends, even if we aren't necessarily paying attention. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that Soulja is looking to push the envelope, all while going bigger with his firsts.

For instance, the artist took to Twitter last night where he issued a message to Elon Musk. Effectively, Soulja Boy wants to become the first rapper-astronaut, which would certainly be a sight to behold. "Make me first rapper in space @elonmusk," he wrote.

If you follow either of these men on Twitter, then you know that Soulja Boy is all about the memes and so is Elon Musk. The two of them know how to provoke people and with their internet expertise in mind, they would prove to be a dynamic duo. Whether or not Musk takes Soulja Boy on his space exploration journeys, remains to be seen.

Regardless, one can't help but imagine a world in which Soulja Boy is discovering new planets and creating new colonies around the universe. You can read our most recent interview with Soulja Boy, right here.

Soulja Boy

Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for BET