After a quiet period, Soulja Boy has been in the limelight quite a bit lately. First, his string of club hits culminating in his "We Made It" remix and then he made headlines after an arrest on suspicion of having a loaded gun. While the controversy is murky, Soulja Boy talked to DJ Whoo Kid about the controversy surrounding young artists being arrested such as himself and Justin Bieber, saying:

 "It’s just being young and being successful. I feel like, if I was a regular person, it wouldn’t get promoted in the media. Me and Bieber we were just chilling. We just young and having fun. They pulled over the Bentley, they pulled over the Ferrari. Why are they pulling us over in the first place? We just gone deal with it.

Although, he remains thankful to his supporters, saying, "All my fans that’s been rocking with me through everything I salute to y’all and appreciate the support."

Concerning his new club hit, "We Made it (Remix)," Soulja Boy talks about how Drake came to appear on the track. "That was really like a intro record," Soulja says, excerpted by XXL. "That was really like [an] intro record. Drake hit me and he was like, ‘Yo this is crazy.’ And we just put it out. The streets just been loving it. It’s crazy.”

In light of his recent successes and legal troubles, "crazy" sounds like an accurate descriptor.