A week or so back, news broke of a mural painted in Australia that recreated a famous photo of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian locking lips, only this particular interpretation of the moment plastered Kanye's head on both figures. According to reports, Kanye's team was attempting to have the mural painted over, at which point, artist Scott Marsh decided to take advantage of the situation and put a $100,000 price tag on buffing the piece, which would also include a print of the buffed painting for the purchaser.

According to Marsh, someone has actually opted for that offer, though it's unclear if it was hard-earned dollars of Ye or his team responsible. Also, all we have to go off is his word at this point.

"If anyone needs me I'll be at the #lordgladstone drinking from the topshelf.... #whatamonth#kanyeloveskanye#kanye#kanyewest#sold#scottmarsh," wrote Marsh on Instagram, captioning a screenshot of the "SOLD" piece.