EA is no stranger to fielding scorn from the gaming community. Yet a threat from Snoop Dogg carries more weight than that of the average irate gamer. An ardent online competitor in his own right, Snoop recently found his quiet-night-in disrupted by a server outage, one that left him incapable of engaging in his fierce Madden rivalries. As such, he took to Instagram to issue the gaming corporation an ultimatum, one that found him looking toward different -- though not necessarily greener -- pastures.

Snoop Dogg

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images 

"EA, you n***as got thirty-minutes to get them servers back on," warns Snoop. "If you don't, I'm switching to the Soulja Boy Console. I know that n***a got some games on that muthafucka that work. Soulja Boy, hit your uncle up. Draco! You got Madden on your shit? Cause EA playing games. I done been hit by a thousand muthafuckas -- they saying they want to play. What the fuck man! Get it together. Get right, or get left. Soulja Boy, get Madden on your shit."

Soulja Boy wasted little time in responding to Uncle Snoop's message, sharing a clip on Instagram and promoting his infamous SouljaGame console in the process. "Tell em unk @snoopdogg," he writes, though no word on whether he's planning on pursuing making Madden a cross-platform affair. In fact, it's not even entirely clear as to whether the SouljaGame supports online functionality to begin with. Either way, it still makes for an amusing clip -- even if it doesn't ultimately lead to any Snoop-narrated "Fighting Soulja - Draco Editio‪n" Let's Play videos.