Earlier this year, there were rumors that Soulja Boy's SouljaGame dreams were put to a halt after he reportedly found himself in some legal trouble with Nintendo. There was an alleged class action lawsuit heading his way if he didn't stop selling his console, but that doesn't seem to have thwarted the rapper's aspirations of expanding his portfolio into the video game world.

Soulja Boy, real name DeAndre Cortez Way, never misses an opportunity to flash his cash, so it didn't surprise fans when he took to his Instagram page to boast his about his wealth. The rapper shared a screenshot showing his net worth is $30 million with a caption that reads, "Proud to announce a 50millon dollar offer for 10% of my company SouljaGame. This will increase my accumulations to 80million!!! I’m not sure if I should do this deal my mind is telling me yes but I’m not sure. But I’m thankful nonetheless 2020 I want it all!"

The SouljaGame consoles were criticized as being rebranded emulators and despite his rumored legal setback because of Nintendo, in January the rapper held a CashApp contest for fans to win one of his products. "All my fans send me something [CashApp link]. I will pick a random donator who sends the largest donation and give you a free SouljaWatch and SouljaConsole tweet me when you're done!"