As much as people clown Bow Wow, he's had a pretty successful career since he was a youngin'. Initially being under the wing of Snoop Dogg, he would later link up with Jermaine Dupri who really helped his career elevate to a whole other level. Bow Wow recently stated that Jermaine Dupri was the sole person who kept his faith in him. However, Snoop Dogg still has faith in him.

Bow Wow shared a picture of Jermaine Dupri on his Instagram page today with the caption, "Only person who believes in me." Dupri mentored Bow Wow since he was young and would later go onto executive produce his debut album, Beware Of The Dog. However, Dupri wasn't the one who helped Bow Wow's career. Prior to meeting Dupri, Bow Wow was under Snoop Dogg's wing and the rapper made it clear that he'll always have Bow Wow's back. Snoop simply responded, "I disagree."

Bow Wow has given Snoop Dogg credit for discovering him in the past, despite his latest post. During his recent and "final" radio interview with the Breakfast Club, the rapper explained that Snoop Dogg seen his talent at a young age. He explained that he was indeed part of the Death Row camp before the label started falling apart. He also revealed that Snoop Dogg was the one who initially introduced him to Jermaine Dupri in the first place. Despite how Bow Wow feels, it's clear that many people had faith in him since he was a child.