Before he sat courtside at Sunday night’s All-Star game in Los Angeles, it appears Snoop Dogg was busy being a vigilante of sorts and helping a stranded driver on the freeway.

A woman by the name of Katrina Graham told TMZ that she was driving back from church Sunday morning when her car broke down on the freeway in Riverside, California. Katrina says as she waited for her brother to arrive, she heard a knock on the window, and when she turned her head, she saw Snoop Dogg in her window trying to help her.

Katrina says Snoop offered to give her car a push since he thought she was in an unsafe spot on the road. He even parked his own ride off the exit and ran back to help her get out of the way of moving traffic.

Katrina was able to grab a picture of Snoop in her window, which you can see for yourself (below). Snoop then proceeded to sit court side Sunday night at the NBA All-Star game like it was no big deal. Talk about a boss move.

This act of kindness from Snoop came just two days after he won the first ever Hip-Hop All-Star game against 2 Chainz’s squad. In case you missed highlights of it, relive some of those moments right here.

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