Though hardly someone you'd consider to be sentimental in the slightest, Smokepurpp has been known to surprise from time to time. After all, the young rapper is a human being, though his persona paints the picture of one removed from any and all emotional attachment. And yet, we mustn't forget that he had a friendship with the late XXXTentacion, albeit one with a few occasional hiccups. Either way, it's clear that Triple X's death left Purpp shaken, and the Deadstar rapper recently took to Instagram to share an emotional homage to the slain Floridian rapper. 

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

Sharing a picture of their time sharing the stage in Los Angeles, Purpp elaborated on his experience in the caption. "Bro been crossing my mind a lot lately," he writes, adopting a wistful tone. "This was a night I’ll never forget we were all in LA for this show and x literally had almost every rapper he liked that was in LA there and showed everybody so much love, miss these days fr, A LEGEND, LLJ." 

Be sure to send some positive energy to Purpp, and one has to imagine that the show he's alluding to was something to behold. Especially to those enamored with this recent generation of young rappers. Rest in peace, Triple X.