When the Coachella lineup was announced this week, it took people a few moments to realize what appeared to be a typo in the billing. Gucci Gang was being advertised as a performer on the third day but after searching for who that may have been, people only fell upon the Lil Pump song of the same name. Upon further inspection, it appeared as though Gucci Mane would be performing in that slot with the official Coachella website showing his image under the confusing moniker. After updating the site, fans were quick to notice that Smokepurpp and Lil Pump's photo were added to the page, prompting some to believe that we could be witnessing the birth of a rap supergroup. It turns out those rumors were true as Purpp has confirmed the news himself on social media.

"GUCCI GANG THE NEW BEATLES," wrote the Florida rapper, sharing a screenshot of a tweet reporting that the billing was not actually an error. While this likely isn't the way the trio wanted to unveil the creation of their newfound supergroup, there was definitely a lot of press about it. From the initial reports that Gucci Gang was a typo to the ensuing updates, we're sure searches for Smokepurpp and Lil Pump are going through the roof right now. Obviously, Pump is benefitting heavily from this since people will surely check out his "Gucci Gang" single as they try and figure out what's going on.

Do you think we'll get an album from the trio or is this just a one-off thing?