These days, you've got to have a look in order to be considered "marketable." The Weeknd had his hair, Ariana Grande has her high-ponytail, Kanye West wore the shutter shades. There's usually a moment in your artistic career that will stand out to crowds as you attempt to get noticed. For Ski Mask the Slump God, part of his look involves his durag. The artist is always covering his head with the accessory and it's become part of his staple look. He's understandably been having a difficult time coping with the death of his friend, XXXTentacion, but he keeps his memory alive with him everywhere he goes. It will be a little easier now too as he's been rocking a customized durag with X's likeness all over it.

Ski rocked Gucci socks with Crocs as he showed off his new headwear addition. In a series of photos, the Florida artist gave a close-up look at the durag, which features photos of the late XXXTentacion performing. Ski was X's best friend and despite the two fighting often, they shared a close bond after meeting in a juvenile detention center. Ski has been sharing numerous tributes to his friend as we all continue to grieve his passing.

Check out the beautiful tribute piece below.