Sinead O'Connor and Prince once had a working relationship that resulted in the former covering the latter's "Nothing Compares 2 U." Shortly after Prince had tragically passed away, O'Connor spoke with Carver County police, and the contents of that interview are being made public. 

Audio from that fateful phone call has now been released, and it alleges that the Purple Rain crooner had battled a drug addiction for most of his life. O'Connor told authorities that "everyone is mistaken who did not believe he had a drug habit the entire of his life. He used hard drugs commonly, ok? I know this because I spent time with the man."

O'Connor also details how "he did not release an album, famously, which is called The Black Album. The reason he didn’t, he told me himself, he had been taking so many dark drugs that he had a vision from God, and God had told him the album was evil and he was not to release it."

As a result of Prince's rampant drug use, O'Connor reveals he displayed some physically abusive behaviour. "When he would come out of the room he would be very violent, very aggressive. His eyeballs would disappear, literally, from his eyes, as if they vanished. He tried to beat the shit out of me, I managed to escape out of his house in the middle of the night. He had me locked in the house, getting ready to beat the shit out of me because he had gone upstairs and taken some kind of weird drug. When he came back down he was very violent and the eyeballs were disappearing and I’m scared shitless. Prince wasn’t a very nice man. I always joked they didn’t call him Prince for nothing."

The Carver County Attorney's Office released a vast majority of the information related to the 2-year police investigation into Prince's death, which did not yield any criminal charges.