A Sky2 news report has confirmed that eight people were shot in a Long Beach home after "two" (though police later claimed an unknown number) hoodie-clad suspects entered and opened fire. The report goes on to speculate that a Halloween party was underway, though it's unclear what drove the gunman to attack. Apparently, twelve people were hit, with three losing their lives in the process. The surviving victims were taken to nearby hospitals, and as of now, the suspected shooters remain on the run. 

The Long Beach Fire Department, who arrived at the scene shortly after the incident, tweeted an update on the matter. "At 10:44 pm, @lbfirefighters responded to shooting at a residence on the 2700 block of 7th Street," it reads. "An MCI was declared with a total of 12 patients. 3 confirmed fatalities (adult males) 9 patients transported to local area hospitals. 5 immediate & 4 delayed. PIO onscene."


NBC claims that five of the injuries were deemed "life-threatening." All of the survivors are said to be in their mid-twenties. Rest in peace to those who lost their lives, and we wish a healthy recovery for those currently in recovery.