Drake is currently seated in his usual seat next to the Raptors bench in the Air Canada Centre, anxiously watching his team battle it out against the Indiana Pacers in the deciding game of the first round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs. The NBA on TNT team was also in the arena, and Drake was an obvious topic of conversation for the crew, especially considering his new album, VIEWS

They first discuss the origins of Drake's nickname for Toronto, "the 6" -- eventually realizing that the number is shared by Toronto's two primary area codes, which doesn't make sense to Charles Barkley. Then, Ernie Johnson cues up some memes -- involving each member of the Inside the NBA team -- inspired by the VIEWS cover art, the most meme'd album artwork in recent memory. 

After the first two VIEWS memes clown Ernie and Kenny Smith, respectively, it's Shaq's turn, and he gets dealt a crushing blow. Shaq's personal VIEWS cover shows him perched atop the Staples Center with his arm around an old teammate. It reads, "Views from Kobe's Shoulders." 

Immediately after the meme goes up, Shaq gets up and exits the premises. He proceeds to cause a ruckus backstage, mostly in good fun, though he knows he just got hit hard on national TV.