It's time for another episode of Toronto Raptors champion Serge Ibaka's cooking show How Hungry Are You?, and this time he welcomes guest Charlamagne Tha God into the fold. The basketball star cooks up unconventional meals for his famous guests on the series, and this time he chats about sports and mental health with The Breakfast Club host while also making a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich using the snout of a pig.

Takashi Aoyama/Getty Images

The topic of basketball was unavoidable and while Serge assumed that Charlamagne would be clamoring to see Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving ball out for the Brooklyn Nets, the New York radio host shut that down. He called their pairing a "hype" and stated that their "emotional IQs need to be higher in order for them to play together."

Charlamagne added, "What we've seen over the years from both of them is kind of two fragile personalities." Of course, as a person who is used to conducting interviews, Charlamagne couldn't help but turn the tables on Serge. He questioned the Raptors star about how he felt when Kawhi Leonard decided to leave the team to make a home with the Los Angeles Clippers. Serge said that he could never be mad about someone who wanted to go home, but he did admit that his feelings were hurt just a tad. However, at least Kawhi didn't change up his phone number on him. Watch the funny episode below.