As Megan Thee Stallion's fanbase steadily increases, so does the community of people who would risk it all for her. Everything she does incites the level of lust many feel towards her, including that of Sada Baby's friend apparently.

Sada Baby shared a screenshot of a text conversation between himself and an unidentified person, who had requested for the Detroit rapper to notify him when he got the opportunity to meet Megan Thee Stallion. Sure enough, the day came when Sada Baby crossed paths with the Houston hottie and he made sure to snap a photo with her to quench his friend's thirst. The friend initially wrote to Sada, "Cuz when you get next to meg the stallion hit my line cuz I need all parts lol Her twitter got a n**** thirsty as hell [face palm emoji]." Sada responded within the day with the pic of him standing beside Meg, who sticks her tongue out in her signature pose. That's a true friend. 

Sada Baby is one of Detroit's most exciting and versatile emcees at the moment. He has been dropping loosies on YouTube at an astounding rate for months and he recently announced that they will all be available on streaming services when he shares Skuba Sada 2 on March 20.