You got it, girl, you got it. Megan Thee Stallion is one of the premier ass-shakers on the planet, proving that time and time again with her insane displays during live-streams and in her live show. While she has established herself as a fearsome emcee from the South, the Houston-bred talent also carries a ton of sex appeal, truly serving as the total package. During a recent display, Hot Girl Meg listened to the hit collaborative single from Chris Brown and Drake, "No Guidance," and felt a sudden urge to get on top of her male friend for a lap dance, twerking on him and making every dude in the world wish they were on the receiving end.

Megan Thee Stallion twerk
Lisa Lake/Getty Images

Rocking ice blue cornrows, Stalli hopped on top of her friend and started going to town, dropping it low and moving each cheek to the beat of the music. The soundtrack was perfect, with Drake's clear vocals ringing in the background. Singing "you got it, girl, you got it" seemed to get Megan even more in the mood to be as sensual as possible.

At this point, Megan Thee Stallion basically has no competition. Perhaps Nicki Minaj is in the running for best twerker in the country after her recent moves but Stalli seemingly has this one in the bag.