Sacha Jenkins Talks The State Of The Culture, Co-Authoring Eminem's Bio & More

Aron A.
April 27, 2018 15:19

THE PLUG: OG journalist Sacha Jenkins speaks on executive producing "Rapture," the state of hip hop, co-authoring Eminem's bio & more.

Sacha Jenkins' contribution to the culture stems as far back as the 80's when he published his first zine. Since then, he became one of the most prominent voices in hip hop journalism as the co-founder of Ego Trip magazine, the creative director for Mass Appeal and his many contributions to magazines such as Spin and Rolling Stones. Safe to say, he's witnessed the progression of hip hop with his own eyes and analyzed every piece of it. We recently linked up with Sacha Jenkins for the latest episode of "The Plug" where he broke down the current state of the culture, executive producing Netflix' Rapture and more.

Sasha Jenkins' is not only a hip hop journalist but an analyst of the game. He's watched the game grow to what it is today. Jenkins explained the importance of knowing your history, whether you're a rapper or not. He explained that hip hop has evolved in a similar manner that rock and roll has and that's exactly why it's the most dominant genres in music today. As Elvis helped bring rock and roll to an international level, we're seeing the same impact happen globally with hip hop. 

"Eventually what always happens is, America will say, 'well rock n roll is not black, it's American culture.' Now, hip hop, even though society has been fighting it, it is on the verge of being recognized as American culture. Whether or not it's ever recognized doesn't matter because white kids in America grow up on hip hop. They don't even care about rock, at all." He explained, "That's why history's important. It's like you could live your time in your moment and enjoy that shit but no, all the stuff that's happening right now, you know what I mean? Little Richard did that shit before you, bro. You think it's wild to wear a dress and rap? Little Richard did that shit before you bro."

Sacha Jenkins also speaks on his favorite music growing up, current projects and more.

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