Bethells Beach is a place unlike many others on the planet. The popular, isolated hotspot is a favorite among New Zealand's visitors, and even Taylor Swift used the area for scenes in her "Out of the Woods" music video. There isn't any riff-raff known in the area and the serenity is what makes Bethells Beach so appealing, so you can only imagine a beachgoer's surprise when they found 19 thick packages of cocaine washed ashore.

According to CNN, police don't believe that any more bundles will make their way onto the beach, but they didn't count it out. Their main concern is trying to figure out where the nearly $2 million worth of drugs had come from and they hope the peculiar prints on the packaging will help them. 

There have been quite a few drug busts within the last few months, albeit not any of them came from stumbling upon cocaine-wrapped packages. German customs officials just broke a world-record after seizing over $1 billion worth of cocaine. A man in Spain was nabbed for attempting to hide $34K worth of drugs in his toupée, and over in Baltimore, $10 million worth of cocaine was nabbed by officials at a port.