You may have read the story we reported on back in March, which saw federal and local authorities in Philadelphia seizing a record-breaking cocaine bust, worth a whopping $18 million. But now, it seems people over in Europe have surpassed this bust (and then some) with The Washington Post reporting German customs officials seizing close to 5 U.S. tons of coke, with an estimated street value of a colossal $1.11 billion! On Friday, The Hamburg customs office said that the coke was "housed in a container shipped from Montevideo, Uruguay and was in planned route to Antwerp, Belgium." As to what was listed on the accompanying paperwork for what was inside, they said it read "soya beans."

Customs officials detailed how black sports bags were seen when opening said container, and upon looking inside the 211 duffel bags, an estimated 4,200 packets of coke were found, apparently making it the nation's biggest single coke seizure ever - Walter wya. Officials reported that the drugs were promptly (and very sadly for the owners) destroyed due to security precautions. Well, at least they can say they tried.