By no surprise at all, a man who attempted to slide through Barcelona's airport with $34,000 USD worth of cocaine in his toupée got busted. According to Reuters, the man attracted attention from authorities as he appeared visibly nervous with is "disproportionately large hairpiece" showing. After investigation, they found a package stuck to his head with the illegal merchandise.

"Intercepted a muleteer who hid half a kilo of cocaine in the double bottom of his toupee," a translated statement details. "This man was arrested after arriving at the Barcelona-El Pratairporton one of the flights considered "hot" from Bogota. The value of the drug intervened depending on the purity and the "cut" could exceed 30,000 euros ($34,000 USD)."

Authorities added: "There is no limit to the inventiveness of drug traffickers trying to mock controls." The man, who's identity is still unknown, is being charged with a crime against public health and is being held by authorities until further legal actions. In other drug news, Philadelphia recently made a record when they seized $18 million worth of cocaine while a Japanese mad died on an airplane after he ingested over 200 bags of the cocaine.