The NFL offseason is in full swing and one of the more intriguing contract situations belongs to Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Wilson has been to two Super Bowls with the team, including one win back in 2014 against the Denver Broncos. After making it to his second straight Super Bowl in 2015, Wilson was awarded a 4-year contract that expires after the 2019 season. Wilson still has one year left on that contract in which he will make $17 million. While Wilson technically still has plenty of time to sign an extension, the Super Bowl-winner wants to get his new deal done immediately. 

According to ESPN, Wilson has told the Seahawks that they have until April 15th to sign him to an extension. The report states that Seahawks management and Wilson have discussed a new contract although it hasn't progressed very far.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Wilson stands to make a lot of money, with some believing he could make close to Aaron Rodgers' salary of $33.5 million a year. The Seahawks QB was asked about his contract situation during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The Pro-Bowler is fairly certain the Seahawks will want to keep him around.

"I'm not sure the Seahawks are going to let me get away," Wilson explained. "I love Seattle. Seattle's a special place. I've won a Super Bowl there, been to two Super Bowls, multiple playoff games and everyone else."