Russell Westbrook made headlines this past week after he had popcorn dumped on his head by a fan. It was a truly disappointing situation that made Philadelphia 76ers fans look bad. Westbrook was rightfully upset about the situation, especially since he was in the midst of coming off of the court due to an injury. Westbrook had tweaked his ankle on a play and it was clear that he couldn't keep going despite wanting to be there for his teammates.

According to reporter Fred Katz, Westbrook's injury status ahead of Game 3 on Saturday night remains fairly uncertain. The superstar point guard has been listed as "Questionable" which means he will most likely be a game-time decision. This is worrisome news for the Wizards as they are currently down 2-0 in the series and desperately need a win in order to retain some sort of control.

The Wizards fought very hard to get into the playoffs as they went on a tear throughout the last month of the regular season. Not to mention, they are currently playing an incredibly strong first seed, in the 76ers. They weren't expected to win the series although you can't help but praise them for getting this far.

It certainly wouldn't have been possible without Westbrook.

Russell Westbrook

Will Newton/Getty Images