Def Jam Records co-founder, Russell Simmons, has reportedly had one of his sexual assault cases dismissed, and will no longer be heading to trial.

According to TMZ, Simmons and Jenna Jarosik, one of the several women who have accused Simmons of sexual assault, will no longer be seeing each other in court. 

Jarosik came forward in January with a $5 million lawsuit over an alleged rape from Simmons in 2016. She alleges that, after she denied his proposition for sex, he pushed her onto the bed, and as she tried to defend herself, hit her in the head and threw her onto the floor before committing the rape.

TMZ states that the lawsuit was dismissed this morning, and that it was "dismissed with prejudice," meaning that Jarosik wont be able to re-file her lawsuit against Simmons. They state that that sort of dismissal is typically associated with an out of court settlement, but there's no evidence of that as of now. 

This is the second sexual assault lawsuit that Simmons is facing, as he was also sued by a woman, who identified as Jane Doe, for $10 Million due to an alleged incident in which Simmons raped her in a hotel room and threatened her son. That lawsuit is still on-going, and Simmons has recently referred to the case as a "work of fiction," and alleges that it's all a ploy to extort money from him.

Over all there have been seven women to accuse Simmons of sexual assault, and another six who have accused him of rape.