Russ has quietly become one of the biggest superstars in music, putting together a catalog filled with successful projects and singles. His current record "Ugly" with Lil Baby has impacted radio hard and he's looking set to enjoy another year of prosperity.

Recently announcing that he's gone independent, Russ spoke with DJ Suss One about the difference between his former deal with Columbia Records and his current independence, as well as his influences and the reasons why he started making music. When Suss One asked Russ about his list of the greatest artists of all-time, Russ responded with a chart of his biggest inspirations, including a number of legends.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

"I originally got interested in rap and hip-hop via 50 [Cent] and Eminem," said Russ, co-signing DJ Suss One's claim that Get Rich Or Die Tryin' is one of the best rap albums ever. "Then I got into, it was in high school, I was a freshman in high school in '06 so, when [Lil] Wayne was going crazy. I just remember being in high school when freestyles were dropping and the mixtapes. Wayne was running sh*t. I remember what it felt like when 'A Milli' dropped. Just the idea of being able to spaz on a beat, that was Wayne."

He continues to name his favorite artists, listing Drake, J. Cole, Kanye West, and more. He also explains that he didn't get into Jay-Z until he was a little older, claiming that he was 17 or 18 when he started diving into Hov's discography.

What do you think of Russ' list of influences? Can you hear it in his music? Listen below at the 9:40 mark.