Russ has built his name off of being a DIY-type artist. Anything that he needs -- be it mixing, producing, mastering, cover art designs, or anything else -- can be handled within the confines of his own home, by himself. Russ has never relied on anybody to get anything done. The famously independent rapper has had a partnership in place with Columbia Records for the last several years but it seems as though he's back to doing everything in-house, announcing he has regained independent status.

Posting a photo of himself holding a glass over his eye and a crystal ball in his other hand, Russ made the announcement.

"Here to officially announce that I’m back 100% independent," he wrote on the 'Gram. "Y’all know what that means right."

Of course, given the picture attached to the news, Russ had to address ridiculous rumors that he's a member of the Illuminati, covering his eye and all.

"He’s in the Illuminati!!! Omg!!! Occult!!! Wtf!!!," added Russ in the comments, mimicking the critics. "Get outta the YouTube wormhole. It’s a damn picture lol."

What are you expecting from Russ in the months to come? Now that he's back to being an independent artist, we can likely anticipate tons of single and project drops from the 27-year-old.

Congrats, Russ!