Russ has had a hell of a run for the past year. The rapper dropped his debut album, There's Really A Wolf, over a year a go and has been receiving more and more plaques as the days go on. Russ is the most recent rapper who's album went platinum without any features so it's safe to say that he's probably feeling himself because of the feat. Probably so much that he's willing to compare himself to Steph Curry when it comes to the rap game.

Russ recently chopped it up with Billboard for an exclusive interview where the spoke about going platinum, how his life has changed since reaching this level of fame and more. Russ was later asked to compare himself to an NBA player in the league and he explained why he feels like the Steph Curry of the rap game.

"Steph Curry. Everyone was looking at LeBron and no one knew Steph was coming. Steph was super like, “He’s too small to play me in the game,” “He came from Davidson,” and “He’s barely 6 feet on paper.” He was this thing that was getting dead nice over here, and all of a sudden he’s just nasty." He explained, "I feel like that. Everyone will come around. You don’t have to like me or whatever the fuck it is, but the music is fire. I don’t give a fuck. The music is dope."

During the conversation, he also spoke on how he looks as J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Drake as artists who keeps him on his toes and more. Peep the full interview here.