Run-DMC is the latest group to fall victim to people stealing their imagery to make a buck. The influential hip hop group is reportedly suing both Walmart and Amazon for carrying unlicensed products that bear the iconic Run-DMC logo or imagery. The lawsuit asks for $50 million in damages.

Products named in the lawsuit include t-shirts, Kangol hats, glasses, patches, wallets and more, according to TMZ. A cursory search on Amazon shows a number of different Run-DMC products that do not seem to be sold by anyone affiliated with the group. Definitely suspect. Run-DMC is also suing the makers of these products. The group alleges these clothing makers have been in cahoots with Amazon and Walmart  to make millions on the group imagery and logo.

Run-DMC has had a partnership with Adidas worth $1.6 million, which gives the group additional ammo against the perpetrators. Ironically, the Adidas Run-DMC products are not labeled as “officially licensed merchandise” on Walmart’s website, while the various other clothing items are labeled as such.

Walmart and Amazon have yet to comment on the existence of the lawsuit.