Last time Beyonce did the whole surprise album thing, it was truly a surprise, and on top of being a well-kept secret up until the moment it dropped, it was also basically the first of it's kind, setting a precedent for releases that followed. It appears as though Bey might try the surprise thing again, although if she is, her camp's not keeping the secret as well as they were last time.

There were already rumors a month ago that Beyonce would be dropping a surprise album in April-- the rumors came on the heels of her Super Bowl performance where she debuted the powerful anthem "Formation" as well as her world tour announcement. Today VEVO is adding more fuel to the fire, with BeyHive fans digging deep to find any sort of hint that a Beyonce album is imminent. 

As some astute fans have noticed, when you go to Beyonce's VEVO page, it indicates that Bey has 117 videos total. However when you add up all the numbers from her various categories (Music Videos, Audio, Performances etc) you'll get a grand total of 130 videos-- meaning there are 13 videos we cannot see, that are on private.

On top of the VEVO hints, one of the biggest (and apparently highly accurate) Beyonce fan sites has "confirmed" that a Beyonce album is set for April ("rock solid," I might add), and will include a "mini-film."