Royce Da 5'9" and Eminem came into the game together. It's only appropriate that they have transitioned into the veteran years with their partnership intact. Bad Meets Evil has, for all intents and purposes, been alive for well over two decades; for a glimpse into a pre-fame Em and Royce shutting shit down onstage, check out this rare concert footage right here. Today, both parties are coming off impressive 2018 campaigns, having dropped an excellent album apiece in Book Of Ryan and Kamikaze. Many have come to believe that a Bad Meets Evil album is the next logical step, and while it might feel like wishful thinking, perhaps it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility. 

While it has been teased before, it would appear that Royce Da 5'9" has once again renewed the flames of hype. During a recent concert in Australia, Royce directed the crowd to start up a hashtag called "Bad Meets Evil 2," and "spam the fu*k out of Eminem's Twitter and IG accounts." Closing off, Royce gives the fans permission to blame him for the onslaught before launching into a spirited "Bad Meets Evil 2" chant. 

Bad Meets Evil last linked up on the Tay Keith and RonnyJ produced "Not Alike," which found the duo in fine form. Before that came "Caterpillar," solidifying 2018 as one of the group's more active years to date. Of course, two songs might not feel like much, but we haven't heard a Bad Meets Evil project since 2011's Hell: The Sequel. We will take what we can get. In the meantime, do your due dilly and do what Royce says.