There's no telling what matter of machinations transpire behind closed doors, especially in the music industry. Consider how Tekashi 6ix9ine's Tattle Tales was on pace to sell 150K units, only to have Billboard conveniently push up their bundling deadline without warning. While it's difficult to say whether the move was specifically done to target the controversial rapper, there are many who believe the people at Billboard actively moved to enact karmic justice upon him. And it wouldn't be that surprising, in all honesty. Coincidences of this nature tend to pop up all the time, and as it happens, Royce Da 5'9" is paying attention.

Joe Budden Royce Da 5'9"

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Anybody who has been following hip-hop media has likely noticed the influx of disturbing allegations being leveled against Joe Budden, ranging from domestic abuse to what some have taken to calling bestiality. Given the sheer volume of anti-Budden narratives that have seemingly landed in quick succession, "It's Just My Opinion" podcaster Isaac Hayes III took to Twitter to offer his own take on the matter. "So @JoeBudden turns down a new Spotify deal cause he’s been steadfast about owning his content and less than a week later there’s an entire smear campaign against him," he writes, suggesting a deeper conspiracy is afoot.

On his own Instagram page, Royce echoed Hayes' thoughts, claiming that the situation was "evident." A frequent propagator of ownership, especially in the black community, Royce has shown admiration toward his fellow Slaughterhouse rapper's unwillingness to bend in that regard. Considering that Budden's dog-related comments were made long prior, and have since been brought back into the public eye in the midst of an additional scandal, it's not surprising that Royce has a few takes on the ongoing character assassination of Joe Budden. Check out his post below.