Fans already know that Book Of Ryan is set to be Royce Da 5'9's most personal album yet; the aural equivalent of a biopic. Ryan Montgomery has frequently delved into his origin story, notably on Layers standouts "Tabernacle" and "Startercoat," yet he seems to believe that's only the iceberg's tip. As a storyteller and lyricist, Royce's abilities are nigh unparalleled. The idea of a late game magnum opus is excellent news for any Royce aficionado. 

The PRhyme 2 lyricist previously cited Layers as the precursor. Now, nearly two years later, Royce seems to be entering promo mode. Tireless is an understatement. How one man can have so many bars is one of the game's great mysteries. Either way, we'll be checking for this one, especially after Royce has all but called it his defining piece of work.

It's interesting to note that he's largely opted to keep this one a solo affair, with the exception of "Boblo Boat," which features J. Cole. Skits also seem to make a triumphant return, which seem to suggest a bit of a vintage feel on this one. While it's hard to glean much from mere track titles, it stands to reason that Book Of Ryan will be a varied project from front to back. Stay tuned for the "Boblo Boat" video, dropping Monday March 26th.

01. Intro
02. Woke
03. My Parallel (Skit)
04. Caterpillar
05. God Speed
06. Dumb
07. Who Are You (Skit)
08. Cocaine”
09. Life Is Fair
10. Boblo Boat (feat. J. Cole)
11. Legendary
12. Summer on Lock
13. Amazing
14. Outside
15. Power
16. Protecting Ryan (Skit)
17. Strong Friend
18. Anything/Everything
19. Stay Woke
20. First of the Month