With his upcoming album Book Of Ryan dropping May 4th, Royce Da 5'9" stopped by The Breakfast Club for an insightful interview. Right off the bat, he establishes that while he does enjoy the music today, "bars are always going to matter." 

Royce also opens up about the importance of therapy, and the stigma surrounding mental health. "We don't get the tools," explains Royce. "We grew up thinking it was corny...Bro, I did not know how messed up I was, until I started going to therapy." From the sound of it, the sessions played a pivotal role in getting Royce's mind right, opening doors for his most personal album yet, Book Of Ryan. "The one on one setting, learning about yourself, feeling comfortable with the person you're talking to." It's nice to hear Royce reflect on himself with a sharpened sense of clarity, and bodes well for those looking forward to his upcoming project.

He also opens up about the closure of Slaughterhouse, which he looks back on fondly as a chapter in his life. Angela proceeds to ask him about former group member Joe Budden, and Royce admits he hasn't spoke to him since they cleared the air over Budden's harsh comments on Em's Revival. "I felt like he went too far," says Royce. "I feel like he's entitled to his opinion, it's just the verbiage. It's the difference between me saying 'yo I ain't really feelin' that' and saying 'that shit trash throw it in rice!' It's like bro, you don't have to do that. Not to him...If you feel that way and if it really concerns you, that's something you should reach out about." 

Overall, it's a must watch for ya'll Royce fans out there. As one of them, I for one am eagerly anticipating The Book Of Ryan. For more from the man himself, be sure to check out our exclusive interview right here