Roddy Ricch recently delivered his brand new single "Late At Night," produced by his longtime collaborator DJ Mustard. With his upcoming album set to arrive in the near future, Ricch took a moment to chop it up with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, where he spoke about his creative process, collaborating with Birdman and Lil Wayne, and more. 

"You got to treat every album like it's the last thing you could ever say," explains Ricch, presenting deeper insight into his philosophy. "So I treat every song I put out now, everything I put out is as if this is what I got to say, like, this is my peace. You feel me? This is what I have to tell y'all...God just blessed me to be in a position where I can really just do this in the best way. In the most purest way. Even just learning from mistakes. Even just my recording process or whatever, I could do it in the purest of ways because it's not any pressure on me per se. People may put pressure on themselves to see me, but I don't have to put pressure on myself to be seen by people."

Roddy Ricch

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While it's uncertain as to how Roddy's zenlike philosophy will affect his forthcoming album, fans have a few pieces of the puzzle unveiled -- the aforementioned "Late At Night" and the Birdman and Lil Wayne-assisted "Stunnaman," provided that manages to slide onto the final tracklist. On the topic of the latter, Roddy also opened up about how that one came together, revealing his surprised reaction to learning that Weezy was primed for an appearance.

"I was in Miami, I pulled up on Stunna, and I was upstairs," he explains. "We just made it. I made it. He like, 'Little bruh, this is special. We're going to have to do something with this.' I'm like, 'All right ... Cool. It ain't nothing' So you feel me? He end up making his call, doing what he had to do. Next thing I know, they tell me like, 'Man, Wayne.' I'm like, 'Huh? Damn, Wayne and Birdman.' I know a lot of people wonder why, but just growing up, you see them two together, that was a no-brainer, to just be able to be in the room or even do music with them. So the fact that I could even be on a song with them, that was one of my little check offs."

WATCH: Birdman, Roddy Ricch, & Lil Wayne - "Stunnaman" 

For more from Roddy Ricch, be sure to check out new his single "Late At Night" right here, and stay tuned for the west coast artist's upcoming sophomore studio album.