At this point, nobody will even bat an eyelash at Roddy Ricch's perceived "antisocial" ways, as the Coronavirus pandemic has the world practicing self-isolation. Perhaps he was simply ahead of the curve. In true glass-half-full fashion, it may very well be argued that Roddy has been training for a moment like this for years now, having built up the right mentality to stay productive while in lockdown mode. The man with the number one song on the Billboard charts for ten straight weeks has officially entered productivitmode, taking the opportunity to preview a new banger. 

Roddy Ricch new music

 Roger Kisby/Getty Images

"In the house recording till April," writes Roddy, while an unreleased track plays in the background. The song itself feels like an extension of Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial, with melodic guitar and piano forming the basis of the instrumental. Ricch sounds like he's in fine form, exhibiting full cadential mastery as he raises his voice into cries before letting it fall for the more rap-focused moments. "I'm a millionaire off a mixtape," he boasts. "Got a lotta blue hundreds, crip face."

Given that "The Box" remains a seemingly unstoppable commercial force, it seems unlikely that Roddy's label will allow him to drop off anything new until his last release has run its course. Yet this is a new era, and artists have been known to fire off music at a higher volume than ever before. It wouldn't be surprising to see rappers doing their part to combat waning morale through music, taking it back to the fruitful mixtape era of the early two-thousand-and-tens. Check out the preview below, and sound off -- is this the type of style you want from the Compton rapper?