Rod Wave was booked to perform at Morris Brown College this weekend but, when he and about thirty members of his entourage stepped onto the stage, the floor collapsed. Thankfully, nobody appears to have sustained any serious injuries. Alexis Skyy was part of Rod's crew, showing off her bruises from the scary-looking fall on socials and, aside from her, everyone appears to be fine.

As for Rod himself, he's been facing fat-shamers because of the incident. The rapper is overweight but the stage collapsing likely had to do with the number of people walking onto it and not his individual weight. Still, he's seeing tons of comments harassing him about his appearance and blaming him for the incident.

He doesn't seem too peeved about it though, laughing off his haters in a new video.

"I been laughing at these fuck n***as all year, man," said Rod Wave on Instagram Stories, carrying several stacks of cold-hard cash and refusing to trip over the situation.

The video of him falling through the stage has been going viral and fans of the Florida native are begging him to place more importance on his health. 

Rod Wave was recently named to the 2020 XXL Freshman class, proving his worth with his emotional raps and viral factor, which is clear again after this.