Rod Wave shows do look like they go off. He's included plenty of concert footage in his music videos, revealing that his fanbase is truly a dedicated one. It would only make sense given all of the success he's seen in recent times. That being said, fans do pack his shows and anticipate a stellar performance which unfortunately didn't happen last night.

The rapper was scheduled to perform at Morris Brown College which he almost did. That is until the stage collapsed underneath him. Footage circulated earlier today of Rod Wave taking the stage with a massive posse behind him, which apparently included Alexis Skyy, before the stage underneath them caved in. It kind of looked like he was getting ready to enter the ring.

This, of course, prompted plenty of jokes but it appears that Rod Wave wasn't injured, nor was anyone else. 

"tryna fall like rod wave in somn rn," Robb Bank$ wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Sukihana called out people who were making fun on Rod Wave's weight while 30 other people were behind him. "I seen bout 30 people fall and the only one y’all talking about is Rod wave.. y’all always tryna make fun of fat people," she wrote.

Rod Wave shared footage of the little tumble onto his Instagram page along with the caption, "PIMP DOWN I REPEAT PIMP DOWN." 

Check out a few of the different angles below.