Donald Trump will no longer be able to enjoy one of the most prolific restaurants in the world as he has been banned to dine at Nobu locations worldwide by Robert De Niro. One of the most famous sushi empires, name-dropped in countless songs and frequented by celebrities around the globe, will be shutting their doors to the President of the United States. In an interview with the Daily Mail, De Niro stated his disinterest in allowing Trump to dine at the restaurants he co-founded, putting forth a ban on the President at the over 30 locations around the world.

De Niro was famously critical of the President during his campaign, calling him every name in the book before stating that he is "gaming society." During his talk with the Daily Mail, the actor said that he would "never let Trump into any of the Nobu restaurants" that he co-founded with Nobu Matsuhisa in 1993. The President has previously dined at Nobu Moscow and his daughter Ivanka frequents the chain as well, meaning that the ban may hit close to home. Nobu restaurants and hotels have grown to be included in many major cities around the world with over 30 locations in total.

Regardless of if he is able to enjoy his sushi in person, he is the President at the end of the day and it's is unlikely that he won't find a way to get his maki and sashimi.