Rihanna has had her mansion in the Hollywood Hills broken into for the 2nd time this year. Luckily Rihanna's highly-responsive security alarm was enough to deter the bandits from sticking to their plan. Neighbors say they saw the suspects piling into a silver vehicle and fleeing from the scene soon after the alarm kicked in. Although it appears the neighbors' timeline of the incident only kicks in as the alarm sounds off, it's entirely possible the robbers made out with something of value on their way out. It doesn't appear likely that Rihanna was present during the affair.

Not only is this the 2nd break-in attempt within a 4-month period, but also the third call in total, police have responded to with regards to her home, within the same timeframe. As you might recall, her home was burglarized back in May, when an intruder literally spent the evening in her home, upon discovering she was not there. It was later learned that he had malicious intentions of making a sexual advance towards the singer. He was later charged with felony stalking shortly thereafter. 

The third incident was rightly met with a fully-mobilized police presence around the contour of her home but to no end. It was later learned that her alarm system had been accidentally triggered by an attendant in her home or a gust of wind. Better safe than sorry, I suspect.