We're not exactly sure why there's an award show dedicated entirely to dudes, but "The Guys Choice" awards is something that exists, and took place Saturday night in California.

The Spike TV-hosted ceremony won't be broadcast until next week, but through the magic of the internet we already know that Rihanna took the prize for "Most Desirable Woman".

Kevin Hart presented RiRi with a golden pair of "Mantlers", and of course made a crack about her revealing dress worn to last week's CFDAs, to which Rihanna quickly retorted “I knew pervs like you would be here.”

The singer then made a humbling joke and gave it up for 'real men'. “Thank you for voting me this at 26 ’cause it goes all downhill from here,” she said. “This is a fun award, I appreciate it, and shout out to all the real men out there.”

The bad gal later took a photo with Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul, which she tweeted out with excitement, captioning the pic with “My life has been completed!!! #Pinkman4President.”

Watch Rihanna's speech below, and tune in to the awards June 11 at 9 p.m. on Spike TV.