Rihanna's lingerie line has the singer's aesthetic written all over the offerings - bold,colourful, sexy and stylish. Savage x Fenty gave fans more of understanding of just how savage yet confident Rihanna is and for the last few days she's been dropping off some hot looks from the holiday shoot. 

The latest photo Rihanna has shared to her feed matches her previous posts, but this one sees her in a new position so we're still here for it. Riri is wearing a holiday favourite of hers, which is The Jungle Embroidered set

Rihanna previously chatted with Elle Magazine  about her lingerie line and how she maintains her savageness and confidence on down days.

"To be honest, I pray a lot because any negativity is just the devil trying to ruin my day. My core is always gonna be there, you are gonna be you every single day of your life and nobody can take that from you," she said. "Whether it’s your sexiness or confidence, it’s gonna be there. I am a savage so everything I do is gonna be savage. Savage is not about looking sexy, it’s not about the product—it’s all about you. It’s all about how you feel. You cannot fake sexy, what you need to do is find it. Clear all that negative shit out, get to your sexy, and own it—that shit is yours."